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10 February, 2022

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Michel Baghuis
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Joomla templates

Joomla templates vinden
10 February, 2022

Looking for free Joomla templates?

With a template you can give your site a completely new look in just a few clicks. There are many companies that design professional templates. These "template providers" usually also have some templates that you can download for free. Don't be guided by the subject of a template, a template for a "barber" can just as well be used for other websites.

If you want to use a new template, consider updating your CMS to Joomla 4. Many template providers have already prepared their older templates for Joomla 4.

1. Joomla Directories

Directories provide an overview of templates from different providers. Please note, not all templates are technically of good quality.


A total of a thousand templates for Joomla 4. A successful initiative by the French Joomla Community. With the filter "Pricing" you can filter on free. You immediately click through to the information of the creator of the template.

AS Templates

Wide range of templates. Most templates have a free and a paid version. So take a good look at what is included in the free version or the premium version. They also offer a number of templates for webshops (including Virtuemart). Recent templates are available for Joomla 4.

2. Joomla Template Providers

The following professional "Template providers" also offer free templates. These templates are usually of good quality.


GavickPro is actually a part of Joomlart. One Free template based on the Gavern framework is available for Joomla 4: Portfolio. Beautiful design. Includes a solid manual.

Joomla Monster

Joomla Monster has been taken over by DJ extensions. Some free templates, quite classic layout. No free templates available for Joomla 4 for now.


Some nice templates. At Joomlashack they use the Wright framework. A separate site is provided for the Wright framework. The Wright framework is not suitable for Joomla 4.


Some free templates based on the T3 or T4 framework, also compatible with Joomla 4. Especially JA Campaign and JA Stark look fresh.


Two free templates, both have a layout for the K2 content kit.


At JoomShaper they use the Helix framework. The templates contain many options. Helix Ultimate is suitable for Joomla 4. To download you need to register.


About 10 interesting templates, also for Joomla 4. Ordasoft also has a "blank" template, interesting to build on yourself. There are also free templates for use with the webshop extension Virtuemart.

Rocket Theme

Only Afterburner2 is suitable for Joomla 3.9., the others are even older. Afterburner2 works with the Gantry 4 framework. (On the linked page you can use the filter to search for Free templates.)


Also at RSJoomla! (known for the extension RSForm!) you can find two free templates. Unfortunately only for Joomla 3. Just like their extensions, the templates are elaborated down to the last detail. Nicely developed style and modules with a lot of animation.


Some free templates for Joomla 3, also for e-commerce. Ripple is a webshop template that fully integrates the J2STORE and K2 extensions. With "Lauchtime" you can perfectly countdown to an event.


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