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Have a website made

... tailored to your budget

We make professional websites at affordable prices . As a result, we also make the latest communication and marketing tools available to smaller companies, associations and organizations.

Web design Stekkedoos creates new websites, large and small. We create new websites for associations, organisations, the self-employed and companies.

Do you really need a new website?

If you already have a website, it is usually not necessary to create a new website. By recycling, restructuring and pimping your website you can save a lot on the price.

You are better off with a re-design or a re-make

Michel from Stekkedoos

What is a "custom website"?

There is a lot to consider when creating a new website. If you have a custom website made, it will perfectly match the wishes of your company or association.

Together with our customers we look for content that captivates the visitor and we look for the best way to organize it in pages or articles. Stekkedoos helps customers tell their internet story. Our copywriters provide clear language and we like to make our web pages accessible to people with disabilities.

Graphically , the website will clearly match your house style. We create new graphic material such as logos and icons that are completely in the style of your company. We integrate your photos or those of our photographers.

Your website can be integrated with your current administration. Just think of the link with social media, invoicing, stock management, member or customer management or with the CRM system. Who will manage the website within your organization? For these people we provide a manual and possibly training for the daily management of the website .

Write texts

Do you have a smooth pen? Then you can write and enter the texts yourself. But you can also use our professional copywriters.

Take photos or videos

Professional photos immediately give your website a lot of charisma. But maybe you have some talent yourself and you want to update your website yourself with photo material.

Design your logo

Are you creative and have you made a logo? If necessary, we convert your design into a digital file or our graphic people make a new fresh design for you.

CMS training

Do you not yet have experience with a CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal? No problem, we provide tailor-made training so that you can do the day-to-day management of the website yourself.

Determine the price of your website yourself

By doing certain things yourself you can of course save a lot on the price of your website . Webdesign Stekkedoos works with a very flexible concept in terms of division of labor for creating your site.

If you have some feeling for graphic design yourself, you can quickly create impressive pages with our user-friendly Page Builder.

Do you have some now-how about WordPress or Joomla? Then you can still configure your website yourself. If you do have a problem with your CMS at any given time, you can still call on Stekkedoos.

Do you have problems writing nice texts? Then you can outsource that part to our professional copywriter.

Would you like to try making a website via drag & drop? This is possible at Stekkedoos. NO hassle with code…. You can immediately start dragging and dropping.

"It's nice to have a professional on hand."

(The dog stays at home)

Our personal approach

If you have a custom website made, good communication is necessary to create a successful website. That is why we want to create a personal bond with our clients in the first place. This is essential to get to know your project (or product). We take the time to work closely together and to set a clear goal of what you want to achieve with the website. Only in this way can we create a website that reaches and inspires your target audience.

We also regularly consult with our customers during the production phase. Together with our copywriters and graphic people, we discuss the possibilities and keep a close eye on the launch date. In this way you are always involved in the development of your website and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Even after your site is online, we offer an individualized approach. We provide training for web administrators and copywriters . We guide your employees on their PC, at home or at work through our Premium support . That way you have the right tools to further develop your internet project.