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How to make a website yourself?

... ... or with a little help?

Webdesign Stekkedoos offers you complete freedom to make a choice in the way you want to work with your website.

Do you want to do all the work yourself or have certain things done by a professional? It's up to you how you want to make your website.

If you do certain tasks yourself, you can save a lot on the price of a website.

A free website?

If you look at so-called free websites such as Wix, Jimdo, Site123 or Weebly, you will soon notice that you have to use a paying formula. For the use of your own domain name or the removal of advertising, you immediately pay an expensive package.

Make the calculation yourself. The cheapest website at Stekkedoos will cost you €9.2 per month (this is €111 / year), including VAT. This package includes a domain name and a hosting package with Page Builder. With this package you have to create your own website.

Ideal for starters. At Stekkedoos you can build your own website that can also score well in the ranking of "Google Search" (SEO Type1). Afterwards you can call on a professional from Stekkedoos to further develop your website.

Website maken met een beetje hulp.

What can you do yourself?

Write texts

Are you a good writer? Then you can write and enter the texts yourself. But you can also use the copywriting of Stekkedoos.

Take photos or videos

Good photos immediately give your website a lot of appearance. Maybe you have some talent yourself and you want to update your website yourself with photo material.

Design your logo

Are you creative and have you made a logo? If necessary, we convert your design into a digital file.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

With our Page Builder you can build your pages in a visual way. We will prepare your website so that you can immediately start Dragging & Dropping.

Determine the price of your website yourself

By doing certain things yourself, you can of course save enormously on the price of your website. Webdesign Stekkedoos works with a very flexible concept in terms of task division for creating your site.

If you have a feeling for graphic design yourself, you can quickly create impressive pages with our user-friendly Page Builder.

Do you have some now-how about WordPress or Joomla? Then you can still configure your website yourself. If at a certain moment you have a problem with your CMS, you can still rely on Stekkedoos.

Do you have trouble writing nice texts? Then you can outsource that part to our professional copywriter.

Would you like to try making a website via drag & drop? That is possible at Stekkedoos. NO fiddling with code…. You can immediately start dragging and dropping.

"Sometimes it's nice to have a professional on hand."

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