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Call for joomla support

Premium support

Personal support for your website

Through our Premium Support we offer the possibility to contact you by telephone and e-mail and provide a quick answer to your questions. In this way you are no longer alone and Stekkedoos can become your partner for your internet business.

We provide support for all aspects of your website and your online marketing , including email campaigns and social media.

Update management , backup management and monitoring are also included in our Premium support. This way your website remains in top condition.

Need some help with your website?

A good website is constantly evolving. With the Stekkedoos websites you can add texts and photos yourself. Some websites have even more functions, such as the management of a webshop or reservations and registrations. When launching your website, we provide a customized manual and possibly even a training course .

If you do experience some problems updating or managing your website, you can contact Stekkedoos support by telephone or e-mail.

That way you are no longer alone.

A reliable partner for your website.

What's more: we work proactively and give you tips to improve your website. Our specialists guide you (or your team) to get the most out of your website and provide tips for further optimization of your internet business.

We think along with you.

Consultations can be made by telephone or by e-mail, but also via these channels.

Microsoft Teams

Also included: updates and backups

Expert update service

We do not update automatically. Updates are not installed until the version is stable and does not cause compatibility issues.

Which updates do we perform for you?

  1. Updates of the core files of the CMS ( Joomla or Wordpress)
  2. Updates of extensions or plugins. For paying extensions (not free) you can enjoy a significant discount.
  3. Server software updates, such as the PHP version

Why do you need to update anyway?

  1. To extend the life of your website
  2. To keep your website safe
  3. To take advantage of new technologies and features

Additional backups

In addition to the standard backup management, additional backups are created with each major update.

Also included: monitoring

For a safe and healthy website

We constantly monitor your website.

What do we check?

  • Hacks and loopholes,
  • SSL check,
  • uptime monitoring,
  • suspicious content,
  • Check correct use and
  • a control of the speed.

This monitoring is highly recommended for websites that store personal data of visitors (due to AGV/GDPR).

Premium support from 193,00 € per year

(Price excluding VAT)

Please contact us. We are happy to inform you to make a better choice.

Michel, Stekkedoos